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At Diamond Safety Concepts, we specialize in rubber decking and other flooring materials made from recycled tire rubber. These environmentally friendly products are ideal for use as playground surfacing or rooftop decks as well as for many athletic flooring applications. Our rubber tiles and pavers are also great when installed on patios, walkways and for barn flooring in equine applications  in barns or stables. Our recycled rubber flooring materials offer excellent cushioning while creating a durable, slip resistant surface.

In addition to our many rubber flooring materials, we also offer a variety of products and services which focus on anti-slip and floor safety solutions designed to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. In this category, you will find some very effective anti-slip treatments and coatings as well as slip resistant stair and step covers made from rubber, fiberglass or metal. We offer products for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Rubber Decking Category Link

Rubber Decking

Rubber tiles and pavers, made from recycled tires, for use on decks, patios and walkways. These products come in a variety of sizes, shapes, thicknesses and colors. Perfect for rooftop decks. [...More]

Rubber Playground Surfacing Category Link

Rubber Playground Surfacing

Playground safety surfacing made from recycled tire rubber. Playground tiles come in thicknesses with certified fall heights from two to ten feet. Available in standard and premium color options.  [...More]

Athletic Flooring Category Link

Athletic Flooring

Interlocking and straight edged athletic flooring tiles as well as rolled rubber mats made from recycled or virgin rubber. These products are great for home gyms as well as commercial facilities. [...More]

Rubber Mulch Category Link

Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch, made from recycled tires for use in playgrounds, landscape and equine applications. Options are the standard nugget grade as well as a premium shredded grade in colored or uncolored black.  [...More]

Timbers & Borders Category Link

Timbers, Borders & Ramps

Timbers, borders and ADA approved transition ramps, designed for use in playgrounds, gardens and landscaping and entryway applications. Our flexible borders are made from recycled tire rubber. The Rigid borders are made from recycled plastic. [...More]

Anti-Slip Step Covers Category Link

Anti-Slip Step Covers

Slip resistant step covers and landing tiles made from rubber, fiberglass and metal. Products are available for both interior and exterior applications. Anti-slip ladder rung covers are available to fit most applications.  [...More]

Trade Show Flooring Category Link

Trade Show Flooring

Lightweight, cushioned flooring materials for trade show booths and other interior applications. Options include interlocking tiles made from recycled or virgin rubber, EVA foam, PVC plastic and cushioned carpet tiles. [...More]

Anti-Slip Solutions Category Link

Anti-Slip Solutions

Anti-slip treatments and coatings to improve traction and reduce the risk of slips and falls. For interior and exterior applications on most hard floor surfaces.  [...More]

Equine Flooring Category Link

Equine Flooring

Rubber tiles, pavers and mats for use in barns and stables to provide slip resistance and cushioning. These materials come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and thicknesses. [...More]