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Anti-slip Walkway Covers


Anti-slip Step & Walkway Covers

Safeguard Technology manufactures an extremely wide range of slip prevention products for industrial, commercial, residential and general pedestrian applications.

These products are not load-bearing, and are designed to retrofit over existing steps, walkways, platforms, landings, ladder rungs, etc. An excellent slip resistant surface is obtained without incurring the expense and downtime of replacing existing structures.

All SAFEGUARD® antislip products consist of an aggressive, gritty surface bonded in a multi-step patented process to a corrosion resistant base. They greatly exceed ADA and OSHA non-slip guidelines for walking and working surfaces.
Anti-slip Protruded Fiberglass Step Covers

The Hi-Traction and HiGlo-Traction lines offer a wide selection of products for you to choose from. The particular combination of size, material of construction, grade (coarseness of grit) and color that best fits your needs is available in Step Covers, Ladder Rung Covers, and Walkway Covers. Your options are outlined below in the Product Options section.
Anti-slip Protruded Fiberglass Ladder Rung Covers

Step Covers
First and foremost, the SAFEGUARD® HiGlo-Traction Step Covers are designed to eliminate the ever present danger of slips and falls on stairs of all types.

Most slips occur on the leading edge, especially when the metal, wood or concrete becomes worn or rounded. Water or oil on the step accentuates the problem. The SAFEGUARD® Step Cover is designed to completely cover the leading edge, providing excellent traction even when wet or oily.

Another problem arises when the edge of the step is hard to see. Safety yellow Covers outline the leading edge, and thus are very popular in industrial applications, public buildings, etc. When full coverage of the step is required, and Step Covers greater than 6 inches (B) installed, we strongly recommend that the Covers be two-tone. Two to three inches of safety yellow on the front edge, and a contrasting color on the remainder, again provides the definition required.

For commercial and residential applications where safety yellow is aesthetically not appropriate, even a slight contrast between the edge of the step and the back of the tread below provides significant definition.
Determine the size required by making the measurements shown on the diagram.
Step Cover with "A" and "B" shown.
These slip prevention products have proven themselves in demanding industrial applications, from offshore oil platforms to food processing facilities, from automotive stamping plants to power generation.
Ladder Rung Covers
Typical ladder rungs, especially those made from bar stock, are notorious for slip problems. Both SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction and Glo-Traction Ladder Rung Covers, with their patented antislip surface, provide the traction needed to prevent the foot slipping, even though the area of contact is small.

The use of safety yellow as the color also ensures that definition of the rung is greatly improved.

Steel Ladder Rung Covers are channel-shaped. The ends are bare so that they may be readily installed by tack welding if so desired. Pultruded FRP Ladder Rung Covers are semi-circular in cross section, with I.D's. of ¾", 1", 1 ¼" and 1 ¾". The most popular grades are fine and coarse, but others are also readily available.

Determine the size required according to the diagram.

Dimension "B" corresponds to the diameter of round rungs, or widest point.

Pultruded FRP Ladder Rung Cover
with "A" and "B" shown

Steel Ladder Rung Cover
with "A" and "B" shown
These slip prevention products have proven themselves in demanding industrial applications, from offshore oil platforms to food processing facilities, from automotive stamping plants to power generation.
Walkway Covers

SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction and HiGlo-Traction Walkway Covers provide the necessary protection against slips and falls on all walking and working surfaces - landings, work stations, drain covers, mezzanines, ramps, etc.

In certain areas such as workstations, complete coverage is often desirable. In others a heel and toe pattern is acceptable and more economical, with 3 - 4 inches between Covers.

Installation is straight forward, with little or no downtime.
Provide measurements as per drawing.
These slip prevention products have proven themselves in demanding industrial applications, from offshore oil platforms to food processing facilities, from automotive stamping plants to power generation

In addition to steel and pultruded FRP composite (fiberglass), the SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction & HiGlo-Traction Walkway Covers are now available in flexible vinyl (PVC) sheeting, providing a low-profile, lighter alternative.

Product Options
The various options for SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction and Glo-Traction Safety Covers are outlined below. All possible combinations are available.

If you need advice on the particular product most suited to your specific application, please call and discuss your requirements with one of our product specialists.

Material of Construction
  • 304 Stainless Steel, 18 gauge
  • 316 Stainless Steel, 18 gauge
  • G90 Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel, 18 gauge
  • Pultruded FRP Composite - fire retardant vinyl ester resin

The same surface is applied to each of the above in a multi-step process.


Since most slips occur on the leading edge of steps, we always recommend that this edge be covered.

The standard size of the return, or "lip" is 1". Where the front edge of the the existing step is badly chipped or broken, customers have sometimes requested step covers with the return greater than 1". This is no problem when the material of construction of the cover is steel. With FRP, however, we are limited to a 1" return and to a 12" deep tread cover, since those are the maximum dimensions provided by the pultrusion die.

Coverage of the tread is dictated by your particular requirements, from the front 3" to the complete surface.

Walkway Covers can be manufactured and fitted to provide slip protection on flat surfaces of practically any size and shape. Some size limitations do apply to individual Covers.

Stainless and galvanized steel Ladder Rung Covers are made to order. FRP Covers are restricted at this time to rungs of ¾", 1", 1 ¼", and 1 ¾" diameter.


Six standard grades (coarseness of grit) are available:

Super Fine (Barefoot)
Extra Fine (Residential)
Fine (Commercial / Pedestrian)
Coarse (Industrial)
Extra Coarse (Offshore / Heavy Duty)
Super Coarse (North Sea)
Typical Applications
Variety of applications
Deck steps, porches, bus steps
Commercial buildings, bus steps
Most industrial applications
Offshore facilities, heavily soiled and oily areas
Areas of severe prevailing conditions.


Hi-Traction Covers are available in the following standard colors:


    Combinations of any two of the above colors are also offered. Such two-tone products, usually a combination of safety yellow and one other color provide a surface with contrasting colors for improved visibility.

    Hi-Traction Covers in custom colors can be made in a number of premium colors which are shown in the chart below.

    Glo-Traction Covers (glow in the dark) are available with the total surface photoluminescent, or just critical areas such as the nosing section.

    Standard Colors

    Safety Yellow
    Safety Yellow
    Orange Orange Red
    Green Green Blue Blue

    Premium Colors



    Bainbridge Blue

    Grand River Gray Grand River Gray PM Salmon PM Salmon


    Brisbane Brick Red Brisbane Brick Red EKriz Brown EKriz Brown Geauga Green Geauga Green Erie Blue Erie Blue Garfield Gray Garfield Gray
    Mentor Sand Mentor Sand


    Ipswich Olive Ipswich Olive Hudson Hunter Green Hudson Hunter

    Descriptive Marking Covers

  • escriptive or informational markings can be incorporated into SAFEGUARD® Safety Covers. Whether you request safety messages, such as "Escape Route" or your Company's logo, provide us with details and we will supply the required Cover.

    The message will not just be on the surface, and therefore will not wear off.


    Standard Sizes

    A listing of "standard sizes" has become somewhat meaningless since SAFEGUARD® Covers are now made in numerous dimensions to satisfy specific customer requirements. Nevertheless, a listing is provided for Step, Ladder Rung and Walkway Covers to provide guidance on the range available.

    SAFEGUARD ® Covers with a high coefficient of friction have been designed and fabricated to outperform other industrial anti-slip (non-slip) surfaces. They exhibit long service life under even the most hazardous and demanding industrial environments.


    SAFEGUARD Technology's unique surface greatly exceeds both the OSHA's 0.5 and ADA's 0.6 guidelines for Coefficient of Friction values, as confirmed in independent lab testing. Even in wet or oily conditions, our safety Covers greatly exceed these guidelines.


    • Provides long lasting, impact resistant service in industrial applications
    • Extremely hard and sharp grit
    • Aggressive non-slip surface even when wet, oily, greasy or dusty
    • Excellent chemical, UV and corrosion resistance
    • Does not introduce a trip hazard, or significantly increase the height of a step
    • Cleans readily with non-solvent cleaner and stiff brush
    • Easily installed either during new construction or as retrofit item
    • Wide range of standard sizes, surface grits, and colors
    • Suitable for both interior and exterior use
    • Protects and highlights leading edge of step
    • Exceeds OSHA and ADA guidelines
    • Accepted by the USDA for food processing plants


    Materials of Construction
    304 Stainless Steel   18 Gauge/0.048"/1.2mm
    316 Stainless Steel   18 Gauge/0.048"/1.2mm
    G90 Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel   18 Gauge/0.048"/1.2mm
    Pultruded FRP Composite   0.1"/2.5mm
    Flexible PVC Vinyl   0.024"/ .60 mm
    Grades Average Size of Grit (Aggregate)
      Mesh Inches Microns
    Super Coarse [Xtreme] 4 0.2 5000
    Extra Coarse [Offshore/Heavy Duty] 10 0.085 2125
    Coarse [Industrial] 20 0.033 850
    Fine [Commercial] 24 0.027 700
    Extra Fine [Residential] 36 0.019 485
    Super Fine [Barefoot] 54 0.012 305
    Average Thickness of Finished Product
    Coarse Fine Extra
    Stainless or Galvanized Steel
      18 Gauge/0.048"/1.2mm
      0.30"/7.6mm 0.18"/4.6mm 0.11"/2.8mm 0.10"/2.5mm 0.09"/2.2mm 0.08"/2.0mm
    Pultruded FRP Composite            
      0.35"/8.9mm 0.23"/5.8mm 0.16"/4.1mm 0.15"/3.9mm 0.14"/3.6mm 0.13"/3.3mm
      0.38"/9.7mm 0.26"/6.6mm 0.19"/4.8mm 0.18"/4.6mm 0.17"/4.3mm 0.16"/4.1mm
    Flexible PVC Vinyl  
    0.15"/3.8mm 0.08"/2.1mm 0.07"/1.9mm 0.06"/1.6mm 0.05"/1.3mm
    Grit or Aggregate MOHS Hardness Scale
     Silicon Carbide 9.7
     Fused Alumina (white) 9.4
        For Comparison:
            Diamond 10
            Quartz 7
    Colors (Hi-Traction) Safety Yellow, Gray, Brown, Black, White, Green, Orange, Red
    Also Custom Colors and two-tone products
    Glow-in-the-dark. Also in combination with a color for two-tone effect.
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