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SofTILE AP roofing pavers are used in applications where ballast, protection and visual appeal are primary design considerations. While offering unlimited design potential, SofTILE AP also provides thermal and mechanical protection to the roof membrane. This unique marriage of form and function creates an attractive, durable and slip resistant surface on rooftop decks, patios and walkways.



SofTILE AP® has been engineered and thoroughly tested, to offer superior impact resistance. This material is manufactured from recycled rubber and specially formulated binding agent which are molded into high density, durable  interlocking pavers. The patented KrosLOCK® edge is an exclusive SofTILE AP® design feature. This unique interlocking system allows the tiles to be securely fastened to one another without having to glue the material to the subsurface.

This major advantage gives our customers a virtually monolithic safety surface that installs simply, precisely, and securely with a minimum of labor and adhesive. This system also eliminates potential problems caused by the expansion and contraction of individual tiles.

Another unique feature is the precisely engineered hollow core pedestals which raise the tile surface and evenly distribute weight. The open pedestal design provides airflow and allows for excellent drainage.

Unlike concrete pavers, SofTILE AP provides a resilient, shock absorbing surface as well as excellent sound deadening qualities. This product will compliment virtually any roofing system application. The resiliency of the rubber composition provides flexibility that allows for automatic adjustment to accommodate minor undulations and slope variations in the subsurface. SofTILE AP is compatible with most waterproofing membranes and does not require a protective layer in most situations.

SofTILE is available in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from 2 inches to 4.25 inches.  This remarkable product offers certified impact protection ratings for fall heights of 4 feet to as much as ten feet.

SofTILE AP has been proven in the harshest climatic conditions. These tiles are impervious to cracking, shifting and heaving. They provide the best possible protection to waterproof roof membranes while creating an attractive, resilient and slip resistant walking surface.


SofSurfaces is pleased to announce the incorporation of a new polymer technology into their Premium Series line of products. "In-Play" is the name of a new and unique colored granule designed and manufactured as a superior alternative to the traditional EPDM polymers used in the manufacture of most other "premium" colored rubber tile products.

In-Play is produced from a high-grade polymer that is free of lead, zinc, sulfur, polaromatic hydrocarbons, heavy metals and phthalates. When compared to the EPDM polymers used by most rubber surfacing material manufacturers, In-Play exhibits superior abrasion resistance and color retention. Most importantly, In-Play will not become brittle with age.

The Premium colors offered for the SofTile products, can be mixed in a almost unlimited number of formulas creating a huge color palette offering something for every design requirement. 

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Premium Colors






Terra Cotta

Premium Color Blend Percentages
Blue Spruce 60% Green, 15% Blue, 25% Black
Rainforest 60% Blue, 15% Green, 25% Black
Blue Ice 50% Blue, 30% Grey, 20% Black
Coral Clay 50% Terra Cotta, 40% Grey, 10% Black
Moon Shadow 60% Blue, 15% Terra Cotta, 25% Black
Multi Grain 70% Brown, 15% Beige, 15% Black
Sandy Lane 60% Beige, 25% Brown, 15% Black
Roasted Pepper 60% Terra Cotta, 25% Beige, 15% Black
Spring Meadow 60% Green, 25% Beige, 15% Black
Green Slate 60% Green, 30% Grey, 10% Black



The SofTILE Plus series is manufactured using 100% recycled rubber. The systems fall protection layer is made with a specific blend of rubber buffings and various sizes of rubber granules to achieve the optimal balance between density and impact attenuation. The wear course in the plus series is manufactured with the use of elongated strands of rubber. Use of elongated rubber strands in the top layer creates an interlinking of the rubber particles which significantly increases durability and abrasion resistance.

The Plus series is available in seven solid color offerings including Harvest Tan, Saddle Brown, Terra Cotta Red, Turf Green, Ocean Blue, Slate Gray and Midnight Black. Color is achieved through pigmentation of the black recycled rubber. Pigmentation is a color coating process  provides a lesser degree of color longevity when compared to our premium series. In high traffic areas, the color pigmentation can wear away, exposing the black core of the rubber particles.

The SofTILE plus series is the ideal choice for tough urban environments where safety, durability and vandal resistance are the primary surfacing priorities.

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