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If you use any of the rubber mulch products that we offer, you will need to create some sort of a retaining border to keep the mulch in place. For this, we offer several types of curbs, timbers and borders. You can see the listed below.

Rubber Flex Curb


The 100% Recycled Rubber Flex Curb is sure to add life to any flower bed, garden, or playground.

These curbs will allow you to make various curves and bends that traditional landscape timbers will not. Curb segments are held in place with landscape spikes. Individual curbs can be easily cut to fit your space.

This product replaces traditional landscape timbers and other loose fill containment borders. The Rubber Flex Curbs offer excellent drainage and come in four attractive colors.


Cash Pricing*

4"x 4"x 8'    $48.00 ea.

6"x 6"x 8'    $79.50 ea.

6"x 8"x 8'    $85.50.00 ea.

8"x 12"x 8'   $124.50 ea.

Available in red, green, dark brown, and black. 

* Shipping charges additional

DSC Stackable Rubber Border

Made in California, our newest rubber border products are both flexible and stackable. Made from 100% recycled tire rubber, this material comes in black as well as brown, redwood Green and blue versions are available by special order. Minimum quantities may apply for special order colors. Spike holes are pre-drilled.


Cash Pricing*

4" x 4"x 6' Black         $30 ea.
4' x 4" x 6' Colored      $35 ea.

6" x 6"x 6' Black         $63 ea.
6' x 6" x 6' Colored      $72 ea.

* Shipping charges additional 


IMC Rubber Timber

Made in Missouri, This flexible rubber timber offers drainage slots on the bottom. Available in four sizes. Made in the US from 100% recycled tire rubber. Color options are Earthtone, (dark brown), Redwood, Forest Green and Black.

Cash Pricing*

4" x 4" x 8' All Colors     $48 ea.

4" x 6" x 8' All Colors     $64 ea.

6" x 6" x 8 All Colors     $80 ea.

6" x 8" x 8' All Colors     $96 ea.

* Shipping charges additional    

ROCK LOCK Wall System

Rock Lock Wall System™ 

A landscaper's dream: Stone walls that assemble in minutes, yet stand up to all the elements

The realistic, faux granite, Rock Lock Wall System™ resists constant abuse from lawn trimmers, mowers, and the elements. Made of high-density polyethylene with UV inhibitors, they will not sag or bow, and are strong enough to sit or stand on. Simply secure the interlocking walls to the ground with heavy duty steel spikes.

Build retaining walls, raised garden beds, playground borders, water gardens and more. These durable, high-density polyethylene molded wall segments will not chip or crack in any weather. The lightweight, straight or curved wall sections can be combined to form just about any shape you want. For taller walls, you can stack them two high for a maximum height of 20 inches. The Curved Package includes four quarter round walls and four 18" spikes that assemble to a 4' diameter circle. The Straight Package includes four 4' straight walls and four 18" spikes.

Product Specifications

  • Looks like real rock
  • Easily creates raised beds, small retaining walls or borders
  • Made of durable high-density polyethylene
  • Will not rot, chip, sag, or bow
  • Modules are hollow to insulate plants for a longer growing season
  • Simple to install: heavy-duty spikes go into the pre-drilled holes
  • Lightweight so you can carry them, but stand up to all the elements
  • Can be filled with sand, gravel or concrete

Cash Pricing*

Straight Wall 4-Pack, (14.5 linear feet), with 28"spikes       $187.95

  2 Pack, 43.5 linear feet), with 28" spikes                          $93.95

Curved Wall  4-Pack, (14.5 linear feet), with 28" spikes       $196.95

 Also available, 6-Packs, 8-Packs, Custom Quantities, End Rocks and 18" or 40" Spikes.

Call for pricing.

* Shipping charges additional

Swing Pads

Swing pads are made from recycled tire rubber. They are designed to provide impact protection and eliminate the creation of depressions at the bottom of playground equipment such as slides and swings. We offer this product in two sizes, 36" x 36"' x 2" and 32" x 54" x 2".

32" x 54"
Available in Red, Green, Brown & Black

36" x 36"
Available in Red or Black

Cash Pricing*

36" x 36" x 2' 
Red or Black 
$104.95 ea

32" x 54" x 2' 
Red, Green Brown or Black     $112.00 ea.

* Shipping charges additional 


Tomato Bob's Amazing Rubber Mulch Mat

Tomato Bob's Amazing Rubber Mulch Mat is a 30" x 60", (12.5 sq. ft.), panel of landscape fabric to which a 1/2" thick layer of premium shredded rubber mulch has been glued. The resulting product offers the beauty of shredded rubber mulch in a form that can be rolled out to cover just about any space. Unlike loose fill material, it will not wash or blow away. This material is porous, allowing water to flow right through. This characteristic makes it perfect for many landscape and garden applications.

This product has many uses. It can be used as as shown below in vegetable gardens as a way to keep the soil warm and moist while controlling weeds. It also works great for erosion control when installed along a roof drip line. No more dirt and mud being splashed on the house.

The rubber mulch material is soft. Tomato Bob's Amazing Mulch Mat can turn a gravel walkway into a surface comfortable enough to walk on in bare feet.

Each Mulch Mat comes with six galvanized staples and one pound of loose shredded mulch.

Unit Price
$28.95 plus shipping


Scenery Solutions Stackable Border System


Ingenuity From The Ground Up.

At Scenery Solutions, we're dedicated to bring you the most innovative, easy use landscaping solutions that not only add beauty to your house but also safety for your children. We're talking about Scenery Solutions Frame-It-All System.

Our patented Frame-It-All System makes it easy for anyone to build and enjoy everything from multi-level raised water and garden beds to sandboxes to playground and garden borders and so much more.

Scenery Solutions products are engineered to the highest standards of quality and durability, and come complete with a money-back guarantee of satisfaction. And our simple step-by-step guides give you professional looking results easily and affordably. So click on through our site and explore all of the wonders and beauty of Scenery Solutions.

The benefits and beauty of the Frame-It-All System:
Enjoy more abundant yields of flowers, fruits and vegetables with lower maintenance, less weeding and improved drainage. And you can have all of this without the stress and strain ordinary gardening puts on your back, knees, arms and neck.

Why our Frame-It-All System?
Our Frame-All-All System is so simple to use and so well designed, it's patented. And a Scenery Solutions Frame-It-All System is as unlimited as your imagination. What that means for you is that no other raised garden bed product gives you:

  • Our simplicity of installation
  • Our ability to expand your raised garden bed at any time, in any direction
  • The beauty a raised garden bed add to your house
  • Our versatility of shapes, sizes, levels, angles and configurations.

Our advantages stack up: The patented Frame-It-All System
Our secret to the simplicity of our Frame-It-All System is our patented anchor joint and patented stacking joint. The Anchor Joint has been meticulously engineered to easily go nearly a foot into the ground providing ideal support for any base level. And specially designed fins really grip the ground to prevent heaving when the soil freezes. The stacking joint slides effortlessly and precisely into the anchor stake for you to build upward. The brackets securely fasten and hold our long-lasting composite timbers, or any standard 2”x6” lumber, and the hinge design swivels 360 degrees so you can form virtually unlimited designs

.Cash Pricing

Anchor Joints Two-Pack of  Anchor Joints  $13.99
Stacking Joints Two-Pack of Stacking Joints  $13.50
Composite Plastic Timbers, (2" x 6" x 44.5") $14.95 each


DSC 12" Molded Plastic Interlocking Borders
Playground Border
The DSC 12" Interlocking Playground & Landscape Borders are the tallest single-segment plastic borders available. This product made for us in the USA using recycled plastic materials. Like all similar products made from recycled plastic, these borders  will not rot, splinter, crack or decay.

Each border segment is 54 inches long, 12 inches tall and 4 inches wide. When assembled, each segment covers 48 inches. Each border segment weighs 12 pounds. Segments are secured with one, 30" metal border stake per linear segment. 
Cash Pricing*

Black Border Segment, (4 linear feet)                           $31.00

30 inch
galvanized Border Stake                                 $

Border Segment with Spike Bundle                           $34.95 ea.

* Shipping charges additional

2 by2 Interlocking Molded Plastic Interlocking Borders, 8" or 12" x 48"


These Interlocking Playground & Landscape Borders are US-made. They come in two heights, 8" and 12". The panels are 4" wide Each 54" wide panel covers a 48" span once installed. 28" Galvanized spikes are included.

This product has a unique reversible reversible design with a wood-grain texture on one side and a pebble-grain texture on the other.  
Cash Pricing*

8" Border Segment with Spike  $34.50

12" Border Segment with Spike  $35.65

* Shipping charges additional

APS Plastic Interlocking Borders, 8" or 12" x 48"

Our APS interlocking plastic borders come in two sizes, (8" or 12" height). They are also available in black or green. Each panel segment covers 48 inches once assembled. Panels are 4" thick. Galvanized spikes are included with each panel.

This manufacturer also makes a heavy duty ADA ramp that interlocks with the APS borders as well as most similar borders from other manufacturers. The ramp surface has a slip resistant texture.

All APS borders and ramps are made from recycled plastic. They are commercial grade and come with a 10 year limited warranty.

Cash Pricing*

Black 8" Border Segment, (4 linear feet) w/ 18' spike)          $32.00

Green 8" Border Segment, (4 linear feet) w/ 18" spike)        $40.00

Black 12" Border Segment, (4 linear feet) w/ 28" spike)        $35.00

Green 12" Border Segment, (4 linear feet) w/ 28" spike)       $45.00

Black ADA Ramp, (72 3/8" x 47 3/8" x 12')  w/ 4 spikes)     $500.00

* Shipping charges additional

Milennium Curb Ramp

The Millennium Curb Ramp is made from recycled tire rubber. It is extremely tough and durable. These ramps can support the weight of most passenger and commercial vehicles. They are ideal for RVs and trailers.

The angles of this ramp are designed to conform to the concrete curbs commonly constructed in most US residential and commercial locations.

The Millennium Curb Ramp is 6" high, 18" deep and 20" wide.

Unit Price
$65.95 plus shipping


Safepath EZEdge Transition Ramps
Made from recycled tire rubber, EZEdge Transition Ramps come in thicknesses ranging from 1/2" to 2.25" as well as a large selection of widths and lengths. These attractive transition ramps meet all ADA and OSHA specifications. They are highly slip resistant and come in a variety of colors and styles. For more information, click here to download the brochure Cash Pricing*

$21 to $72 a square foot.

Prices vary based on style, size, color, etc.

* Shipping charges additional

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