Timbers, Borders & Ramps

Timbers & BordersOur timbers and borders have many applications. In the playground category they can be used to enclose a play area that is covered with a safety surface such as rubber mulch. For landscaping applications, these products also make great retaining walls, walkway borders and raised garden beds.

Timber and border products are made from recycled tire rubber, recycled plastic or resin composites. These materials are very durable and will last for many years.

Our rubber borders are available in sizes ranging from four to twelve inches in height. Some can be stacked. One unique feature of the rubber borders is that they are flexible, making it possible to create gently curved shapes.

Our plastic and resin products are more rigid and are designed to create more geometric shapes. The plastic borders interlock end to end and are attached with spikes which are driven into the ground. Some of our decorative plastic borders can be stacked as much as three courses high.

In addition to timbers and borders, we offer a full selection of ADA transition ramps for use in entryways and around raised sport courts. Our rubber curb ramp is the perfect solution for creating an easy curbside access point for cars, RVs, and other types of vehicles. 

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DSC Stackable Rubber BorderDSC Stackable Border
Flexible Recycled Rubber Borders
4" or 6" Height
6' Length, Multiple Colors

IMC Rubber TimberIMC Rubber Timber
Flexible Recycled Rubber Borders
4" , 6" or 8" Height
8' Length, Multiple Colors

DSC Plastic BorderDSC 12" Plastic Border
4" x 12" Molded Interlocking
Panels, Spikes Included

2 by 2 Interlocking Plastic Border2 x 2 Plastic Border
4" x 12" or 8" Molded Interlocking
Panels, Spikes Included

Rock Lock Plastic WallRock Lock Wall System
3.5' x 9" Interlocking Resin Stackable Borders
Straight or Curved Pieces

Frame It All Border SystemFrame-It-All Stackable Border System
Plastic  Anchor and Stacking Joints, Composite Plastic Simulated Wood Panels

Rubber Swing MatsRubber Swing Pads
Recycled Rubber Playground Mats, 32" x 54" or 36" x 36", 2" Thick

Millennium Curb RampMillennium Curb Ramp
Recycled Rubber Ramp Designed to fit most North American Curbs


SafePath EZEdge RampsSafePath EZEdge Transition Ramps
Door Entry Transition Ramps

SafePath CourtEdge ReducersSafePath CourtEdge Transition Ramps
Sport Court Transition Ramps