SofScape Hexagonal Paver

SofScape Hexagonal Paver
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SofScape is a 9" diameter hexagonal paver that is two inches thick. Each paver weighs about 4.5 pounds. This is one of our most durable rubber paver products. It is made from recycled tire rubber and is currently available in four color options. SofScape is produced in Puerto Rico and soon, in Alberta, Canada.

SofScape is an excellent choice for a variety of applications ranging from decks or patios to playgrounds, to equine applications in barns or stables. This product is easily installed over any firm flat subsurface. It can be installed using adhesive or friction-fit without adhesive inside a retaining border edge.

SofScape is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. It will withstand virtually any weather or climate condition. Unlike most other small paver products, SofScape has excellent impact attenuation properties. This product has been certified with a fall-height rating of four feet, making it a good choice for many playground applications.

Unlike most other playground products, SofScape is quite firm. It offers excellent cushioning while retaining the ability to support vehicle traffic. This structural density makes SofScape one of our most popular products for use in equine applications.

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